My husband and I work together. We own a restaurant and we were having marital problems. We were 23 with a business and a child. About April of 2010, I found out he was having sex with a new waitress. Crushed me. Took me to depths of darkness that I can’t explain in writing.

Well, we decide to do counseling and try to make it work. In my heart, I KNEW something had happened with this white trash waitress, Mandy. I told my best friends, my husband, my dad and they all told me “you’re crazy” “she’s never do that to you”.

Well a woman’s intuition isn’t a myth so finally after begging him for months, I hired a polygrapher that works with the FBI on several contracts. It was spur of the moment and it was expensive but lo & behold…I was right.

We tested him on several woman but when the polygrapher asked to speak to me, he said “positive 3 is deception, he scored negative 6 when we mentioned Mandy Ponder”.

I knew it the whole time! He still swore it didn’t happen that day. Then at 1am woke me up crying saying “you’re right, test was right”.

When you kicked me out, she came to the hotel and we had sex, we had sex in parking lots too”

I know he’s the one who owes my loyalty but the thought of her being around my family and our child every week makes me sick.

If you come in contact with her, hide your man. Mines not the only taken one this whore has messed with.

Moral of the story…trust no one, the world is full of trash, woman’s intuition is ALWAYS right.