My story seems to be very common. It started off in the summer, this homewrecker was moved from her previous pawnshop store because she was caught talking/txt/sending pic and videos to the assistant manager. The wife went in and confronted her and the supervisor had her moved the next day to my ex-husbands store. This was some time in June/July. I asked my husband about her but he didn’t seem interested, i did trust him since we had been together for 12yrs and have 2 kids.He even offered her off to his cousin but he had to leave out of town before he could get with her. I know it was my ex-husband who started everything, it was essay for him to try it out with her since she had history of it. The other guy that was involved with her told my ex that he never had sex with her, but who really knows. I knew something was going on and once i found out he had been having an emotional online affair, i kicked him out.

If he really wanted to stay, he would have, but i wasn’t going to allow him to cheat on me. He even told me that she offered to be the side chick just so he could stay with his family. I wasn’t going to allow that. I did also inform her that I will always be the other women,no matter what he tells her. I don’t mind being the other women while he is with her. She doesn’t know how he still comes over and spends time with me, about the hugs, kissing, and everything else. I told him its best she doesn’t know. Once he starts dating someone else or I start dating someone, i will put a stop to it, till then she can either try to trust him (like thats any good) or she will get tired of him, either way, i’m not the one losing out, my kids are. She has no children and she claims she doesn’t want any, but how long will that last, since my ex is getting fixed because he doesn’t want any other children. For a women to go after a married man… shows no class and obviously she couldn’t get a single man on her own. Its 10 times easier for a women to seduce a married man, especially if they had been married for a long time. Even her sister was okay with her being a homewrecker, she said its not her sisters fault that all men want her. Yeah, only married men, not single guys. All I know is after this is out, I have nothing else to say to her, her family or anyone that knows her. The truth is out, if she cant handle it, then she shouldn’t have become a homewrecker. Homewreckers hate being called homewreckers. My story with her ends her, while her life gets looked at over and over again. You never know, she just might still have a chance and find someone many years from now.