I used to work at the hospital with this triffling, nasty, trashy home wrecker. At first, I wasn’t gonna get into it, until I witnessed this poor excuse for a woman boast about pushing ‘Al’ to leave his wife of 20 years…with 3 kids of her own. This tramp had 3 kids for this man and moved from a gutter in New Iberia, to Houston, Texas to move down the street from his wife. She exposed her kids to neglect and abuse to be with a married man who was beating the crap out of her while she took it out on the kids. CPS took the kids and told her to leave that man alone. Did she do it? Hell to the naw. Those kids have been in custody for a year and instead of putting them first she still running behind him. The freaking court told her to stay away and she don’t even care. I hope she gets everything she deserve..her an people like her. Those poor kids are gonna be screwed up.