Marilyn Medeiros works in City Center Mall as some kind of adviser, instead of being at work she comes down to my department and annoys the staff. It turns out she has been spending her lunch hour in our clothing store change rooms have s*x with my staff!! I couldn’t believe this. The customers were making complaints about hearing moaning noises. This 37 year old started recruiting other men from other depts to the public bathroom – to have afternoon quickies. I made a complaint about her and she cried all she wanted was to find love. WTF?? Who thinks like this?? Then this fat lady came down one night to apologize and started crying she was insecure cause her dad said “she was ugly and should be fed to the dogs.” I actually started to feel sorry, then the next lunch break – she was banging another guy in the public bath room. This woman is disgusting and needs to stop being a pig in the mall. To Top it off!! When I complained. She lied to everyone and said I was telling lies about her cause I was jealous. That biotch ain’t got nothing on me. Then she left her used tampon in the bathroom without disposing of it in the right place!! *gag* she is so gross. How can any man find her attractive? She has the biggest cankles and when she isn’t occupying the public washroom for her own dirty pleasures, she is at the local bar bad mouthing her staff. This woman is a complete piece of trash who needs to be revealed to The Dirty Edmonton world. Nik what do you think of her pig face surrounded by her greasy mane?