Okay where to start with this one. She seems to think she’s psychic but trust me this one cannot predict her way out of a paper bag that’s wet. She allegedly talks to dead family members and she seems to think that they are confessing about people’s involvement in crimes. She publically accuses people of crimes all because she thinks she hears confessions from the dead. She will then make a public facebook post accusing a person of a crime when the only evidence are the voices in her head. If you tell her to leave you alone she ramps up her harassment. She will make fake profiles to try an harass you once you block her. While stating that she is a victim even though she is the one that started it. She will try and convince people bullies are after her when Infact these people are just defending themselves against her crazy abuse. She has hardcore mental health issues so just stay as far away as possible. She is not a medium. She cannot talk to the dead. She has yet to be right about a single detail.