Marleyrae Hunter is a homewrecker. She had an affair with my husband. She followed him around like a lost puppy dog at my best friends wedding and then when I was around she would go and be all over his friends. I have told her multiple times that he was My husband even my friend went and told her to back off. Clearly she couldn’t listen. Talk about whore. She went home with one and the next day showed up with another. We were at a birthday party where she continued to Follow my husband around until I came around. She decided to Continue to be friendly even had a conversation with me about her kids which might I add she doesn’t tell the people she decides to fuk. After awhile the friend that brought her eventually leaves because she’s all other every other guy at this party. I instantly message him to to pick her up that she’s no welcomed around me and my friends. Clearly after the rude awakening that she wasn’t welcomed she doesn’t come back. I just want to warn anyone with a boyfriend, fiancé or even a husband to watch out for this girl because she doesn’t care. And then pouts to everyone when she’s called out and called a slore. If the shoe fits right? No sympathy here.