This woman is a sociopath who has no moral compass. She takes great pleasure in destroying families and has done it, I don’t know how many times. Many more times than once! She began seeing my husband of 34 years in November 2014. I discovered it in January 2015, and had it confirmed in 2015. My husband is a judge here in Dallas County and she is an attorney who practices in his court. I have caught them together on many occasions and many other people have told me they have seen them out together. I removed my husband from our home after a year of trying to convince him she would ruin his life. Our children, though grown, are so terribly hurt. But no one understands the devastation I feel about losing my family. I know that when she tires of him she will toss him away like she did the last man she did this with. While understand he is just as culpable as she, he does not have the history of destruction she does.