My husband and I have been married for 9 years and had just bought a house. We had great jobs, we have two children and at that time I had just had my son. This girl starts looking for my husband with the excuse that it’s about work then starts texting him and sending him nude pictures of herself and touching herself and sends him videos! Just 2 days pass and they start having sex, eventually they start having sex in my home and my bed. This goes on for 6 months until I catch my husband. She texts me that her intention was not to take away my husband so I don’t know what her intention was. She says I shouldn’t be mad at her that it was my husband who had a commitment with me, which is true but that doesn’t release her from her part in the affair. I found out that she was having anal sex with him and sending pictures nude with her legs open and videos and in my bed in my house. I lost my house, my job, my stability and I became severely depressed and left my husband. The other woman then has the balls to take me to court for threatening her that I was going to post her nude pictures. She continues to say that I have her all stressed and says that since she has no commitment to married men its ok for her to break up marriages and damage kids’ lives. She deliberately broke up my marriage and hurt my children and has no shame in taking me to court. I found out that she likes breaking up marriages and this was not her first one. A week later after I found out about the affair she was already dating somebody else whom was married, and I also found out that she was chubby and now is making up for lost time. She is pathetic and scum who is selfish and lives off other peoples misery.