About 7 years ago my wife and I were having problems so I moved out and in with a friend. My friend was a female from my unit but my wife knew her and we were all cool together. Well last night we were arguing about past occurrences and I told her that I had sex with my friend when I moved out because we were drunk and I was just in a bad place. Well she comes back with “That’s fine because I F*cked E6 with a MUCH BIGGER ****!” I didnt see that coming because she was always shy especially when we first met. She really rubbed it in so I got pretty jealous and mad. I asked her who this guy was and she said it was our neighbor down the street that had the dirt bikes and I immediately knew who he was. I had a run in with him before, back in 2010. My brother was in town for the 4th and we got drunk and my brother started a fight with Matt which ended up pretty bad for my brother but I didn’t jump in. Now I remember how my wife was talking about him after she saw the fight, like she had a little girl crush on him. Anyway, she told me it happened when our neighbors had a party and he was there. Some of the other wives there were talking about him and saying he used to do porn or something and that he was well equipped. They got to talking and one thing led to another and she F*cked him in front of some of the others at the party. No one told me about it but she said there was a video going around the internet but she thinks she got it taken down from the sites. I’m hurt honestly because she said after the first time with him, it continued almost daily and then sometimes weekly even after we got back together! This is just a warning to any of you if you live by him or know of him, keep your women far away from him.