where do I even begin with this guy Matthew Battrick? I met him at a bar one night and we seemed to really hit it off. He told me he was single and wasn’t seeing anyone else. Needless to say, I brought him back to my place and we had some drinks and ended up having sex. He told me he was wearing a condom which was not true. I went to see my doctor for my regular check up about a month later and despite what many may think, I did not sleep with anyone else. It turns out I had tested positive for DRDs. One of my friends recognized him when I looked him up on Facebook, but his name was not the name he gave myself or my friend. She had told me she slept with him about a month prior to the night I met him and had caught the same thing. She told me he did not use a condom with her either. Coincidentally, his Facebook no longer exists. Don’t let his face or cheesy tattoos fool you, ladies. This man is disgusting and will say anything to get into your pants.