I used to live with Meagan and her boyfriend Jeff Wanner when they rented me a room in October 2016. I thought it would be a decent place to live and they seemed nice in the beginning. However, as time went on, I began to see how dirty and disgusting they truly are. They would not clean their home, leave dishes in the sink for days, and their home smelled horrible. It got worse once they decided it would be a good idea to get 2 Golden Retriever puppies, which were cute, but they did not even have a yard. They let the dogs out to sh*t and piss all over the balcony like it was completely normal. At more then one point, the balcony was completely covered in dog sh*t.

The neighbors complained to the Property Management Company and they were issued multiple letters to clean up the common areas. It was absolutely disgusting. On top of this, the dogs made a huge mess all over the carpets and the furniture because they were not trained properly. So the whole house smelled like piss. I could barely breathe. They knew it smelled bad, but they didnt bother to clean properly. This is why she wont get an engagement ring. They also are very rude people who think they are better then everyone do to the fact they are white.

Well wake up, Meagan, you both are white trash who belong in a trailer park with the way you both keep your home. I’m sure there is not one other home in that area where they allow their dogs to sh*t all over the balcony and wreck the place. As homeowners you’d think they would take pride in their home. I left when they were travelling to Ottawa as it was unbearable for me to continue living there. I was getting very sick. Edmonton needs to know how disgusting they really are. If she wants to act like this isnt true, I have photographic evidence of the conditions they kept their home in.