Me and my fiancé have had infidelity issues before. They dissipated the first time, and after time away from him, we gave it one more shot. Low and behold, we found out we were having a baby. We welcomed our baby boy in June of 2013. My son was 2 months old, when the wrecker came into our lives. Supposedly she was selling a jeep on Facebook. My fiancé liked to purchase junk vehicles, and play in the mud with them, so he contacted her about the jeep. I found the number on the call/text records on the account, but not on his phone, and that was my first flag.

I called her, and she stated how she was just selling a jeep and he was interested in it, nothing more. Told me congrats on the baby and how we were such a cute family. Gave her the benefit of the doubt…..and shouldn’t have. She slept with my fiancé THAT SAME NIGHT. This is now June of 2014, and she purposely makes a presence in my life as much as she can. She still continues to text him, call him, rubs it in my face, and has broken up three other married couples in the process. Any one I have dated, or talked to, she swoops in and “entertains” them, like her being with my past is supposed to hurt my feelings. I’m not the first woman she has done this too, but I’m going to be the first to expose her, and beat her ass, just bc she’s like the annoying fly you can’t get out of your car. She’s young, 22, and has a child. Yet brings every man she brings home from the bar to her home where the child resides. She didn’t even spend Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day with her child, she was in the bar, dick hunting. People just need to be on the look out for this disgusting parasite waste of a human being, bc if he’s taken or has a ring on his finger, SHES COMING AFTER HIM! The picture I have posted there are two girls. She is the one on the left. And as a matter of fact, the one on the right, Chandler, is a dirty slut too. She has been threw the whole circle of my ex fiances friends, as Megan has too. The circle of friends just calls them up, whenever they are needed, and pass them around each other. Like I said, sick disgusting parasites.