Melanie is an infested, narcissistic, selfish drug addicted psychopathic liar. That’s a mouthful of truth. This b1tch only thinks about what and how much she can hustle from people and in which ways she can hurt them if things don’t go her way. I hate her and people like her who constantly takes advantage of others acts of kindness. That was the last straw for me. Melanie uses people all the time, if you know her, she’s used you at least a few of those times and talked really I’ll about you. She likes to distort truth to make herself look victimized and innocent. Melanie thinks shes cool selling meth and Fentanyl (destroying lives) while on welfare taking money she doesnt need. shes not a supportive parent and admits she doesnt even know if shes loves her kids (that’s pretty sh1tty). She brags she works for the biggest drug boss In the city named Ken and has stated that he loves her but she only uses him for hotels and rooms to rent. Shes not leaving Josh (The guy who beats her with huge flashlights makes people feel sorry for her but rushes back to him, yeah that’s love to her) Ken, she doesn’t want you she only wants the materialistic things you offer her. Before she lost her kids, she was always doing meth around them, no fuks given. Word she has no care in the world about the damages she causes to other people. No Morales whatsoever. You’ll find articles on her like this one: {redacted}. Melanie Dixon has no care in the world on how she treats anyone especially those who help her out. Her boyfriend in jail asked her one day if guys were coming to her place and she literally swore on her kids lives telling him no guys had come there. Meanwhile, during that conversation two guys were there chilling out in the next room (she lies and lies and lies) I’m just one of those people that have taken enough of her lies and emotional abuse so unfortunately this had to happen. Melanie talks so much sh1t about everyone the moment people are out of earshot, I know she does about me and I’ve heard her bad mouth about everyone else. I thought she was a genuine friend but she’s a fake and her words are just trash, cant believe hustlers. Any hustler better expect blowback. Melanie Dixon is a known floozy (Erica, her exes girlfriends name) and she doesnt tell any of her clients that she has genital DRDS and God knows what else. She always has guys around during her session hiding out, and she talks about all her clients to everyone. She says you’re her friend but she’ll pull shade on you like how she brought a bunch of people over to this girl Simones place in Calder to collect from her, talking sh1t behind her back that she was going to have her beaten and have some guys take care of her. Funny because this girl gave her a nice place to stay in when Melanie was bumming it up literally any and everwhere.Melanie ended up disrespecting the place she was renting from simone and blaming it on her boyfriend and everyone else who was there. Melanie is an evil and disrespectful waste of space going to be 39 and still living room to room, hotel to motel. To be honest Mel, your kids are far better off without you interfering with them. You are not a good role model, you cant even take care of yourself and I’m sure they dont need a to see a different man every few hours, or knowing there mom sells her body to anyone and everyone, getting high on everything. You’re a lost soul Mel, only there to drag people down with you. The ones that have helped you out, you just use, abuse and accuse them of sh1t from your made up stories concocted in your delusional reality. I don’t feel sorry you and I don’t care what happens to me as long as you’re ousted. Melanie is never wrong, never does wrong and can’t admit that shes a drain to society, a thief, and a loved sharing her DRDs because shes a hater. Shes hot though, and her legs are wide open for filling. Come and get it!