This is Melissa, 28, she’s a electrician she’s from San Antonio Tx , she was working with my fiancé on Ft. Hood. She could be working your husband:/ I’m sure she moves between here , Austin and temple. She’s a pot and meth addict. This is my story.  Me and my husband were going through a rough time with my daughter and our home was very strained. She became friends with my husband and apparently made herself his “shoulder to cry on” For three weeks she text him over 300 messages that he hide under a friends name. He started locking his phone and getting secretive. The weekend of my birthday he went out and had a few drinks with friends, we ended up in a argument, not a bad one though. He walked out to smoke a cigarette and then was gone. I didn’t see him for three days.

For three days I called the last number on the register which was apparently Melissa’s. Eventually when I started putting pieces together I confronted both of them but course of they lied. He said he was with Friends .A week later they stopped talking. A month later he confessed saying they got drunk and she fed him drugs and they hooked up. He said it was bc she made him feel better bc we were having a lot of arguments at the time and we weren’t affection eat like we usually are. She complimented him all the time and it made if feel wanted. Bc of his insecurity and her plotting he had to quit his job , we moved ,and have gone through hell trying to heal our marriage. It’s a painful and rough road.I want everyone to know who this woman is and what kind of snake she is and a coward to boot. If you ever see her ,keep her as far away from you man as possible and out of your house. She tried wrecking my relationship and hopefully she gets back all the pain she’s caused myself and my family.