I didn’t know there could be such trash living in this world BUT here she is! This is my boyfriends ex. SHE decided to cheat on him and start talking to other guys from work. He found the cell phone records and broke up with her. A few months later him and I got together. They have 3 kids together and she is always telling him how she’s going to leave them home alone, she’s going to tell them shit about him, she’s going to commit suicide, and the list goes on and on just so she can have some contact with him! My boyfriend and I just had a baby 2 months ago and she is always trying to call him, text him, make sh*t up to see if he will come check on his kids, she calls and messages all his family and mine and is a complete psycho!

She’s the one who decided to cheat but is trying to ruin our family! She’s a miserable loser who thinks that pulling all the shit she has is going to get her somewhere but it’s not! He doesn’t want your stupid ass back and never will! You cheated, now you lose! Get on with your pathetic life already! The sad thing is, is she’s a treacher! She calls and texts me during school hours, threatening to kill me if she ever sees me, and while I was pregnant she left a voicemail that she was going to run me over and make it look like an accident! We don’t need this kind of trash teaching our innocent kids!