Me and my husband have been together for eight years. We now have three young boys. Last year I became pregnant with our second child. Having a low sex drive my husband decided to seek out a concubine. Melissa Briseno aka Mel aka Dirty Dora. Once I got wind of the fair my husband stopped it. This was a course of three months. As you can imagine having a new baby finding out that your husband was cheating caused a lot of turmoil in our marriage. When our second child reached six months I found out that I was pregnant with our third. This sent me into a state of complete panic. As, I thought I would lose my marriage without the sex drive my husband required. We constantly fought because I was under the suspicion she was back in the picture. Lo and behold when I was four months pregnant the concubine resurfaced. I mediately kicked my husband and out. Over the course of six months I became so depressed I even had a suicide attempt while pregnant. I talked to the pregnancy thief snatcher and explain the situation asked her to be a human being and understand that he is my husband and he’s only seeking out sex. She said she did not care she would continue being his pleasure. I found out that this whore have even picked up my one year-old from school. When I was recovering from a suicide attempt. She felt like she was being a good person by at least help me out. Our baby was forced to come to to the fact he was underweight from my incredible stress levels. Please go on this Scutter buckets page and expose her IG (melis_84).