Melissa Estes aka mixdbitch on IG or “Josh” on Bumble, also known as Veronica when she’s “working”, this trainwreck of a woman is one Edmonton’s walking comedy skits. Just one look at her ratchet tattooed face, hair-dos, and fake tits is all you need to really see just what’s wrong with this one. From cutting herself and having tattoos to cover them up to selling drugs and robbing people to turning tricks in adult massage parlors, this blindingly ugly ghetto trash is the walking definition of a cry for help. Fake tits, ugly tattoos, and crazy hair doesn’t make you hot, hun. You look straight fuked. Melissa suffers from a severe mental disorder from her less than blessed life and has resorted to bouts of hard drug use and promiscuous sex with strangers. Her adult massage stint landed her in hot water with a woman who found out her husband was getting tugged off by her for over a year, leading her to confront Melissa at her place of business. This ordeal lead Melissa to suffer a mental breakdown and she had to spend time in Alberta Hospital on suicide watch. When she was released she got involved with a man who she used to physically assault at times and was once arrested by Edmonton City Police and charged with domestic violence. He has a restraining order against her. Most of her friends are typical of what you’d expect this trash would associate with: scumbag coke dealers, slimy venue promotors, strip club greaseballs, Support 81 paedophiles, and other whores she works with. She is truly truly a lost cause and an absolute waste of skin. I wonder how her son Connor explains his sad excuse for a mom to his friends.