where do I start with this one. Melissa Green is the absolute epitome of a super spoiled rich b1tch who grew up on the east coast given everything her entire life and then moved out West to exploit the party life. all the while doing drugs and using her parents money to travel and buy designer clothes. all of her friends are basic rich cVnts who come from wealthy families who have paid their way their entire lives, including schooling, rent, food, AND clothing. her parents even paid for her bloody boob job! typical edmonton bar skank with no real talent other than doing shots and spending money she doesn’t earn herself. she hangs around drug dealers and wannabe edmonton rappers for attention and free drinks and thinks of men as “accessories” that are only good for buying her drinks, clothes, and taking photos of her to post on social media. she has a nose like parrot and skin so damaged by tanning beds it’s become wrinkled and leather like. we used to be really good friends until i couldnt tolerate her personality anymore and had to expose her. she constantly cheats on her boyfriend Marcus behind his back with guys at the club she brings home. she’s had several emergency trips to the ER for a drug overdose. shes a regular at the drd clinic because of her lifestyle. she is a complete narccissist who tells others to get on her level and stop being “basic”. this woman is such a pile of human waste it’s baffling why she wasn’t posted sooner. i hope to god Marcus and her rich b1tch posse wise up and toss this gremlin out of their lives. nothing but a toxic selfish spoiled brat and an embarassment of a woman. nothing professional or classy about her at all. don’t let the lifestyle fool you. it’s all bought and paid for