Melissa Jennewein is a woman who boasts to the world about how truly wonderful of a person she is. She tells people how she donated all her belongings to charity to travel the world so she could inspire other people to be kind and giving. She has a website and several social media profiles telling the world how amazing she is and even begs for money so she could travel to Europe to give Free Hugs to people. What she doesn’t tell people is that she sleeps with men that are married. Melissa Jennewein has unprotected sex with married men. Our youngest was still in diapers when this trashy skank slept with my husband in New York. I feel the need to expose to the world the truth about Melissa Jennewein. When I confronted her about it, Melissa AKA: Melish, Melicious, and One Nomad Woman told me it was my fault that he slept with her and that I should I figure out what is wrong with me. For a woman that is so sanctimonious she actually victim shamed me. Finally she admitted to what she did, and told me that she needed “playful companionship, so we allowed space for that. “. How disgusting is that, this girl lives in an old smelly van, and looks a lot like a man.