Who knows if this is his real name. So this guy messaged me on pof a few times. When I didn’t respond because I could tell he’s a creepy incel he freaked out and wrote a paragraph chewing me out and insulting me with all these misogynistic hurls. Then he changed his profile to whining about how all women are sluts and just want hot guys with big d1cks (typical incel speak). Fast forward to years later, this guy was following the Edmonton Confessions page I was a mod of. He messaged the page, thinking it’s anonymous, and was complaining that his submission through crushninja didn’t get posted. When he clarified which post it was, I remembered the post and I didn’t post it because it was racist complaining about his coworkers. He insisted it was not racist and flipped out on me and told me that he was going to submit it every day until it gets posted. He copied and pasted the same post 12 times a day for a week. When he finally gave up he was given a warning about being banned from the page because EVERY time he disagrees with a woman he gets really misogynistic about it and there were complaints about him. He argued to the death that they were not sexist comments. When he was on his last warning he freaked out on me again and said he was going to report every post on the page and get his friends to help him. It wasn’t long after that the page got shut down. So fast forward to a new page, in which I did not mod, he was once again going off in very misogynistic comments all the time because that’s what he does because he’s an incel. I loaded on him through a fake account the truth that was described here up until this point. He flipped out and blocked me, then he messaged the page and submitted these very misogynistic posts threatening to shut that page down. The admin and I were communicating about this because the admin had also publically called him out for his extreme incel behaviour and misogyny. He was posting confessions offering $500 for anyone who knows who I am and making regular insulting comments about me (that I can’t even see) on every post. Clearly the truth struck a raw nerve. He adds women on fb that are known to fuck ANYBODY but he still can’t get laid, clearly. Who would wanna fuk such a sinewy obvious incel that looks like an extremely creepy pedo/rapist? You can tell by looking at him that he is severely mentally ill.