this is Michelle Meidinger. This fraud litertally spends her waking days lying and manipulating anyone that’s considered exploitable. This sociopath will blatantly tell you she has daddy issues and an apparent bondage fetish. Rest assured her charade is fake and hella made up. Calling her a starfish would be an understatement. She says shes a boss when that couldn’t be further from the truth. She hasn’t worked a legit job in months because everyone can see shes a rotten human being with horrible work ethic. All she wants to do is message f**k boys on a daily for her self esteem issues. She puts on a front saying she runs her own massage company (Pheonix Massage), when in reality she turns down clients more than she brings them in. Shes admitted to giving rub and tugs, so it doesn’t surprise me she still does it today. Basically the day you start seeing her true colors is the moment her toxic behaviors become very known, and she will go as far as blackmailing you to make sure her ass is saved at the expense of yours. Karma is a b*tch!