Michelle was someone I considered to be a very close friend. I even referred to her as my little sister. She constantly spoke on her deceased mother and other family members who had done her wrong in order to gain sympathy. I sat with her many days giving encouragement and soothing her while she cried. Even left work when she stated she wanted to kill her self. She fell on hard times and I helped her out. I fed her and paid her part of the rent for months. I even came to her rescue when she claim that her boyfriend was abusive (which he was not, at all). Instead of being a loyal friend to me she gave oral to my spouse in the home we shared and attempted to have sex with him. It was recorded by the security cameras in the home. I later found out that the reason her family wouldn’t deal with her is because she is a meth addict and has slept with her sister’s husband, her step father, and step brother. This is what happens when you think with your heart and not your head.