We didn’t date longer than a few weeks and that was too much. He’s a head case who has a laundry list of ways he’s the greatest and everybody else doesn’t measure up. He’s obsessed with his body and looks in general it gets old quick. I like to go to the gym but he’s obsessed with his looks and acts like an a55 ti others, it’s immature and embarassing. I had to dump him after his fixation on who I speak to and spend time with, insinuating I’ve done something wrong. Red flag. I bumped into this piece of work recently and he is so broken it’s really pathetic. Unless you’re prepared to pamper his ego and feel non-existent don’t waste your time. He has serious trust issues and he blames everything on his exes who he talks about non-stop. Red flag. It gets exhausting listening about other women while he degrades them, it wouldn’t suprise me to find out he’s talking me down to make himself feel important. There’s something seriously wrong with this guy, he’s stuck on himself like a diva, if you cross his path keep walking, he’s a complete time waster and a creep.