frequents a lot of towns ladies Edmonton ,Red Deer, Calgary Rocky Mountain House, all small towns in between. He tells you you’re the only one but you’re the only one of many. I don’t know about you guys but being the flavor of the day is kind of disgusting. He either wants sex or your money and he will happily tag along for free on any of your worldly trips. He’s extremely cheap he avoids you at the holidays and if you break up with him he’ll still try to get back with you by stalking you or phoning from different phones, things like that. Perhaps he’s a bit of a narcissist LOL okay he’s a narcissist. He plays the sweet shy guy but he really isn’t he’s otherwise known as Smoothie. Everyone says he has lots of money but he plays the role of being broke. If you hear the name just run because he’s also an alcoholic. He’s wasted some women’s time for up to two years before they were onto his games. In fact one woman was brave enough to write a nice message on the side of his car which was a55hole and then painted a big d1ck beside it. He bought a new vehicle a black Chrysler 300. Please ladies stop “Mister Charming” in his tracks flatten his tires if you have to, just run from this arrogant and pompous piece of work. He will tell you he’s a businessman and doesn’t want his face out on social media or other places but really it’s just because he doesn’t want anyone to figure out who he is and who he’s with. Here’s a picture for you all so you know who I’m talking about.