This slug preys on vulnerable young women with substance abuse issues and any female who presents him the opportunity to groom them into one of what he calls “Mitch’s b1tches” he then drugs them into a stupor and sets them up in a motel room where he allows John’s to do what they do best 🤢 the girls are used up to 20 times a day. If anyone comes looking for his victims (family or friends) he rapidly moves them to a new location city or reserve and continues his discusting practice of turning out young women who are typically lacking experience or mental faculties enough to avoid his web of mind manipulation brain washing and violence. he has been linked to at least 3 missing persons cold case files in the greater Slave lake area and with a the recent admission by police in Alberta that a Serial killer has been praying on “working girls” for about 8 years now… I’m starting to think this might be a good place to start investigating. perhaps someone will give this loser a taste of his own medicine and do us all the favour before another innocent young woman falls into forced rape and forced addictions to whatever drug cocktail he has in mind. typically operates in the 107ave/107st area of downtown Edmonton, Alberta. Mitch-Daniel Giroux owner of “Mitch’s bitches” A real class act. please tell everyone you know.