Hi my fiance and I started dating in the summer of 2013. I got pregnant around thanksgiving with our twins. My fiance had a friend that was dating this girl I’m sorry a slut to be honest…Anyways come to find out my finances friend caught them texting on her tablet. So he brought it to my attention and I confronted my fiance but he lied of coarse.. But he kept getting caught in lies and she had the oddssey to come to my house to start bs!! This little ugly girl has a known habit of doing this to taken/married men. So this isn’t the first time this has happened at all. She wanted my fiance to raise her two small kids and basically abandoned his own. This whore is nothing but trash and she will get her karma for sure. She’s so desperate she’ll do anything to try and keep luring anyone who gives them her time in.

She’ll give out mainly money for whatever and she sleeps around. I’m just wondering if the daycare facility she works at is pleased with knowing how their employee is all on social media being a complete homewrecker/slut. Her name is MKerra Payne she’s lives in Abilene Tx she’s 28 she’s been married before