Monica Linares is a 30 year old woman who has ruined many lives. Everything started the day she started sleeping around her husbands back with my husband who was her husbands friend. This woman did not care that there was a friendship involved. Less did she care that her husband is sick of Lupus. Months went by and my husband and I started having more and more issues. At this time I didn’t know about her until one day her OWN husband messages me on Fb and tells me that Monica And Chris have been having an affair for the past months. That’s when everything went down the drain. My family my marriage everything got destroyed. She left her sick husband and took everything from him. My husband left with her not caring that that was his friends wife.

Now he baby sits her kids and doesn’t even bother to visit our daughter all BC that woman has him brained washed. Shes made him grow out beard to look older BC he’s only 22 and she’s 30 years old. She pays for all his things does not let him work or do anything for himself. She’s a pill head that used to steal her husbands medication to get high and will do anything to destroy a family without caring. If y’all know her stay away from her bc she’s a horrible person . Now my husband and I are getting a divorce which is good bc after him being with such a druggie I wouldn’t want something like that back.