This piece of trailer trash skank whore tried very hard to break up a 15 yr marriage. While my husband and I were having some issues, mainly due to my being so I’ll from a stomach tumor, she decided that would be the perfect time to strike. She befriended him & made it look like (to him anyway) that she was helping. I warned him that she was not trying to help & asked that he quit speaking to get, to which he agreed. The very next day I find out that not only did he not stop but he called her repeatedly throughout the day. That night he got home, got a call from “a customer” and had to leave. He got home about 4am. The next day while he was at work, I packed his things for him & had them waiting.

Only he didn’t come home. Finally about 11pm he shows up with her. She stays hiding in the car & refuses to get out. Side note, you can’t bust a car window with just your hand. He gets his belongings & some of mine (whatever he thinks she’ll like) & leaves. Two weeks later he is calling needing somewhere safe to go because the crazy whore has pulled a gun on him & stolen all his stuff. She still has some of his & some of my belongings that she refuses to return. Like she’s holding on to something that was never there. We are trying to work things out & salvage our marriage. It’s certainly not an easy road, but at one time we were the couple that all our friends hated but so badly wanted what we had. We were unstoppable. I know it’ll never be the same, but if we could get back even a portion of what we once had, then we’ll be OK.