I moved into my new bldg and This lady introduced herself to me and became my bff right away. I’m alone n needed a woman to chat with..she than came to my place and was a permanent fixture. I didn mind we got along and all seemed well we had alot in common. Than I started having things going missing including cash…because it was never only her I couldn’t Blame her. As time went on with my new friend she had some financial problems and I helped her. I had lent her $800 cash and gave her some free rides…pkg smokes here, a meal there, a night without her paying for her buzz.it all adds up. Than It came time to pay she said I was harrassing he cause I was down at he door asking for some of what she owed me. She got some guy to answer and say she’s not paying cuz I bother her too much. I do cause she said she would pay me on that day only to find out she was planning on moving that week and all her belongings were out of her place. Well then a neighbor had told me that she took $2000 cash from me plus my expensive jewellery. And some party favors I used on wknds for going out.she took all them and tried to be my friend still without me knowing it was her. I had given my friendship and opened up my home to her just so she could get he hands on my hard earned cash so she could junk it up.. I was gonna keep this till .y dying day but this fake a55 friend has DRDS and regularly get DRDs from he dates online. She has 2 boyfriends that pay for her habit of crack, meth and whatever pills she can get her hands on she even tales gravol by the handful. I was her friend and didn want to do this but she left me high and dry so I have no obligation to her or her fuked up. Threesomes foursomes and No somes she’s got a kicked in Mitt and the 2 inch hair that’s so bushy probably has crabs on Them still since she literally showed me pictures of the ones she had a few years back. It was like looking at a medical Book that u see of what dRDS look like. I can’t believe I stayed friends with her after that. She has done a date in a car come back inside the apt to another date she had waiting without washing in between… I’ve told her to go wash n she said guys prefer to smell freshly fuked pu55y…and she has done this more than a few times I wonder is that true? Do some guys like that. Cause the he guys I know would never ever touch that!!! And her boyfriends name is Anton they must do this thing together. Anyway beware Oh yeah my landlord says she left piss n shit in her tub…and asked me “well where would she wash up then?” I shook my head and said where do u think?