I had worked for the dentist, Donald H. Naeve in the mid 1980’s. I only learned of the long ongoing affair in the last couple of years. My husband was an air conditioning contractor and worked at both the Naeve dental office and at their home. Don always made comments about how cute and good looking my ex-husband was. Don also liked to brag that every woman who worked for him ended up getting a divorce. Nancy Naeve did not work in the office but was the office manager from home. Dictating salaries, work hours, vacation, etc. Among the employees, with little exception, Nancy was considered a tyrant and very difficult employer. According to my ex-husband, Don approached Mark about having sex with Nancy. Both Mark and Don admit the affair happened although they differ in some details. I could get neither to confirm when the sex started, or if Don participated. For much of the affair, Mark went to the Naeve home for sex. According to both Mark and Don, Don became unhappy with the arrangement and Mark and Nancy then started going to hotels, one being the Staybridge Hotel near the airport in Austin. Staybridge has a membership club and one of the perks is early check in. Mark and Nancy would check in usually around 10:00 a.m. and stay for a few hours. Staybridge and other hotel phone numbers were on Mark’s phone records. There were many phone calls between Mark and Nancy and a few with Don’s office numbers. Nancy also called Mark using a Spoof phone number disguised as Mark’s best friend’s phone number. Of course, the best friend knew Mark was seeing Nancy, prostitutes and possibly other women. Mark would also stop at payphones and call Nancy. Mark and Nancy also often emailed each other cute little emails and jokes, although none ever mentioned their affair. Nancy is eleven years older than Mark. Has bleach blond hair and according to Don, has had various plastic surgeries over the years. During my investigation of Mark and Nancy’s affair, I learned that Mark also went frequently to see prostitutes. I wonder if Nancy and Don knew about that activity? Nancy has always been very involved in her neighborhood association and was on the board of directors of the neighborhood municipal utility district.