so i understand this dirty hippy was posted on here before but she’s so nasty she deserves a second posting. i didnt see the original post until after my horrific experience meeting tthis warthog of a woman. her name is Natasha Labelle. a so called “artist” and “bud smoker” who literally does nothing all day but smoke weed and paint pictures and chat on facebook and dating apps. she barely showers and grows her armpit hair long before “trimming” it. she lives like a homeless person and has zero respect for her hygiene. she invited me over to her place after discussing a date plan a few weeks back and i was disgusted at how unkempt her place was. smelled like dirty feet, laundry strewn everywhere, and mold on her baseboards. she had chunks of hair in her kitchen AND bathroom sink and paint splatter in her friggin bathtub. there was two ashtrays FULL of marijuana roaches that looked months old and cardboard pizza boxes piled up in the corner. it was a horrible site to see and i was totally put off. even after seeing that i still decided to be the nice guy and take her out for a cup of coffee and chat. she said she would buy and insisted it was going to be her treat. she doesn’t drive so we took my vehicle downtown to a little cafe. we order. we sit down. we talk. she’s literally every bit as cringey as her living space. i had to struggle through mindless conversation with her and keep myself from staring at her messy unwashed hair. then when i thought the worst was over, it was time to pay the bill. oh but guess what? little miss “ill treat you” left her wallet at home and forgot to put it in her purse. well that was enough. at that point i was so pissed off and embarassed by her i simply walked up to the counter. paid our tab and walked the fuk out ignoring her completely. i got in my vehicle and peeled out looking back in the rearview to see her standing on the street curb arms up in the air as if to say “what just happened?!”. Lady, if you can’t figure your sh1t out you need some serious help. A maid. And some bathing tips. Soooo disgusted.