Welcome to the Nathan show, a guy who will constantly made you feel sorry for him. Someone who blames everything on everyone else, a person who you would think would be innocent but is the exact opposite. Someone who will control you, scream in your face, spit on you. Someone who will at the end of the day make you seem like a bad guy. But don’t worry ladies, his penis is pretty small so you won’t feel a thing. Don’t be fooled by people saying he’s a nice guy because behind close doors he is a obsessed, jealous, control freak. He will make it seem like he loves his family but little do you know he screams and calls them names on a daily basis due to his own insecurities. Not only is he overly emotional and has anger issue but he is also a vape puffing hypocrite. You know, only guys with small d1cks vape. You ever seen the movie “You” ? He is the real thing