Hi there, Let me fill you guys in about this “Abusive Lowlife” Who claims that, He’s a good person with potential and a caring heart, Lmfao! Anyways! I met this dude on social media ( Facebook) and he did seem like a decent, nice and down to earth person at the time. So, Him and I decided to set up a date and time to meet up and hang out with each other and etc but, A few months later, this disgusting human bean and I found out that “I was pregnant ” and we had a kid together. Anyways! He started to be controlling and maliptualive and abusive towards my 3year old daughter and I, A few months before I I found out that, I was pregnant and after I was pregnant and had his baby with him but, yes! it was stupid of me to still stay with a55 and give him chances after chances. And, Yes! I have said; some things to piss him off at the time but, it doesn’t mean that, I’m avolient person like him but, it doesn’t give him any right to abuse my child and I, you know. P.s. This bum a55 idoit put me on the dirty months ago out of jealousy and anger, lol. “LADIES BE AWARE OF THIS UNRESENTFUL SCUMBAG, ABUSIVE DING DONG” because he’ll be 7towards you guys.