I want to tell about some sh1t that has Been going at the Edmonton remand center and other prisons in alberta. Since I started they beat into your head about respect, I rebirth, accountability and excellence but that isn’t the was its going on. Managers at ERC sleep with staff and then promote them. Lots of females who have dated mangers like Benner have been promoted with only three years of work and then they come to me as they don’t know what they’re doing. I’ve been with the department for 15 years, 10 as a supervisor so I see clearly what’s going on. Fellow staff have sent kites in to management and nothing has been done to stop it.Benner promoted a female to my position and then her fiancée found out she was sleeping with him. Last March I was at a coffee shop and another senior manager walked in and sat behind me, Rob Peterson. Shauna prior, the Director at Fort Saskatchewan came in with a young girl and i overheard their conversation. Shauna was telling Rob how a she was looking to divorce and buy a house. My friend who works out of Shauna’s office told me about the times Shauna would go out for lunch with Rob and come back 2_3 hours later, her hair dishevelled. Nice. Another example of my departments commitment to integrity. Another example of they commitment to integrity, a girl at ERC said she got raped and management told her to put it on the shelf. Nice. There is a company coming to ERC to interview staff re intimidation, discrimination, harassment, bullying and abuse of authority. I’ve got dates and times. I’m also looking for another job.