this guy also goes by the name Ukeme Humo, goes from province to province, city to city. My friend let him stay at her house and he was like a little boy who needed to. E taken care of, he acted he was disabled. He will find a job in the hotel industry in which he tries to prostitute young girls who come as guests. People caught onto what he was doing in Saskatoon and he bailed because not only was he trying to prostitute young girls, he was sleeping with them as well.

He is disgusting, lazy, and poor excuse for a man. He will lie to you about him having no money. He will come to you acting like he has nothing but he come from a political family back in Nigeria. He made my friends daughter and her friends uncomfortable. Basically a grown ass man looking at 16 year olds hoping they would have sex with him. This is the laziest man I’ve ever come across, for a flat tire, he suggested my friend call a mechanic, lol!!!! Then later told her that anything related to fixing a car was work that was meant for poor people, pfffft! Right!!!

He also likes men. My friend caught him sticking his Greg up another guys ass, which is why she is no longer with him. He was busted at an “all guys” shindig in which they were all having sex. He stayed with her for one year. I’m relieved we finally got through to her. His dirty dink is either now living in Edmonton or Calgary. He previously was living in Saskatoon SK.

Watch out all you men and women, he is nasty. He will make you spend any and all your money on him, he will sleep beside you after sticking his small dirty dink up another mans ass and tell you he loves you. He needs to be put on blast. Almost forgot, he was having sex with the niece who would have been homeless had it not been for my friend giving her a place to stay. Nikita Silverquill and Mark sleeping together every time she went out shopping. I am relieved she kicked both your asses out!!!!!!