Let’s welcome Noriko hessmann to the stage. She is absolutely the rudest cvnt I have ever met. She has some serious mental problems that she needs to face. She thinks she super superior to other people or people not as attractive as her and looks down on anybody that she thinks doesn’t deserve her air space, most of her friends are like this too( not all)! She a complete narcissist, and a two faced human being, and possibly quite bi polar. Noriko yes you a beautiful but you are nothing without a beautiful personality to go with it. The way your mind works is disgusting, you literally put people down for no reason. And are superficially into yourself and your plastic personality. You are not a god, you are a human like everyone else. Wake up hunnie bunnie your looks will fade one day when you are old and grey, and then one day you’ll look the same like everyone else, 6ft under. Try and compare yourself then.