Ocean Darling, I have spent my whole teen years and have NEVER been put on here. Its amazing that a 16 year old was the one to do it, Congrats girl. The dirty doesn’t bother me, Especialy when its all BS! Your jealous because I am having indeed having your boyfriends child! Your mad cause he MADE you abort yours the first time! You should really be taking your anger out on your boyfriend and not me. As HE WANTED TO GET INTO MY PANTS WHILE YOU WERE AT FADED! Atleast Im not some downright slore that leaves my boyfriend to go to some festival filled with sex,drugs and BOYS! Also, DON’T LET THIS GIRL AROUND YOUR CHILDREN, She has been known to fuk her brothers, and step brothers.This girl is abusive to her boyfriend Max Decker. Max Decker is her sloo boyfriend that cheats on her all the time and just cause Max and I stopped talking, She thinks his dumba55 wont cheat with someone else! Yes, I am now on welfare because I am almost 5 months pregnant and stopped working a few weeks ago! I have that right LOL! Atleast I didnt leave nasty gross photos of myself on my ex’s phone so everyone could see them! Oceane likes to go on supportive womans groups and act like a fake nimrod, but then posts stupid sh1t like this on the dirty! She is so danm fake, I even talked to her on facebook til 3 in the morning one time, cause her boyfriend completely fuked her around and she was feeling “suicidal.” I am very supportive in that sense 🙂 FUK YOU, Ocean, And Max <3 Go live a life of lies, Me and my man are fine.