This guy pretends to be the perfect gentleman. He opens the door for you, calls you beautiful, says you should be treated like a queen, etc etc.. then tells you how he misses his kids and the mother of his children won’t let him see them. Once you’re in a relationship with him, he starts visiting them without you, saying that the baby momma won’t allow you around his children but “it’ll get better someday.” And he’ll introduce you soon. But he never will because he’s still sleeping with the mother of his oldest two children. The reason why he doesn’t see them very often is because he puts himself first. He will only see his kids when its convenient to him or when he decides he wants to show them off to his new girlfriend or his family. Once you feel like you’re really in love, he starts getting nasty. He calls you names, accuses you of cheating or staring at people, when he is the one sneaking around and cheating. Then he will start drinking and blaming it on you. Then he will get drunk and start slapping you when you stand up to him. If you’re lucky, he won’t choke you or chase you. Then he will apologize. After. every. time. & tell you he will never do it again (which is a lie, he always will) and please don’t leave. Then he will make everything seem perfect for a few days. Maybe even 2 weeks. He will start talking about making you his wife and having children and rubbing cocoa butter on your tummy while your pregnant… then when you do get pregnant and you start needing to stop at every gas station to pee, he will yell at you for it. When you’re too exhausted to clean the house until it sparkles and cook dinner the same day, because you’re pregnant and doing too much, he calls you lazy. When you do give birth, he will leave you for hours at a time to care for the baby. Then when he IS home, he will force you to be the only one to change the diapers and clean the baby, etc. The only thing he will do to help you is play with the baby for about 5 minutes at a time in one day. He will tell everyone who will listen that he doesn’t know who the real father is because you “cheated” when you know damn well that you didn’t. Not even once. He will send pictures of his penis to teenagers in high school and set a date to sleep with them and when you find evidence on his phone, he will tell you that he didn’t actually have sex with her, did not cheat, and then blame you saying you aren’t satisfied with him sexually so that why he was trying to cheat on you with a 17 year old. This guy is in his early 30s right now. He doesn’t care who he hurts, just as long as his reputation is good and he gets what he wants. He doesn’t take care of his children. He uses them to try to get close to the mothers after they break up so he can have a booty call. Don’t have kids with this man if you can help it. Be on birth control and get female condoms because he refuses to wrap it up and can’t keep it in his pants.