Paul George is a 45 year old sorry excuse for a man. He chooses random sex with multiple women over everything including his daughter’s, he was caught lying about spending time with them, and found out to be cheating . This guy is so pathetic and thirsty he literally divorced his wife so that he could ” get him an older woman with her own who’s kids were grown” basically to use for sex without pregnancy. That’s gross, wrong, and a very poor reason to leave your family high and dry. Unfortunantly he is out again dating again. He cheated on his 19 year old girlfriend of almost 3 years with multiple women one of whom he’s currently seeing, and she has no idea He was still living with and sleeping with his girlfriend at the time making the current his side chick at the time of their affair. She has no idea He was cheating on her from the start with 2 other women in early 2016. My best advice to her is DON’T GIVE HIM AN INCH! Check that cell phone and his social media, this guy will decieve you into trusting him and believing he’s an innocent helpful guy while doing what you never could imagine he would do behind your back …oh and to his friends *cliff just 1 to name a few, be careful he WILL gain your ex girl or girls trust and text her behind your back. That’s what This guy does he has no shame no morals and definitely NO LOYALTY when it comes to getting sex he just drops everything so don’t let him get your girls or female family or friends numbers he will attempt to sleep with them just like he did his army buddies wife that had his children. He slept with his friends wife who had just had a newborn behind the guys back! Yes the woman is gross but that just goes to how you what type of guy he is. This guy needs to be exposed for his serial cheating because he will never change. It’s up to us ladies to help each other and bring disgusting douche bag liars like this one to the forefront so that anyone dealing with this guy will know the truth instead of trusting his lies.