Before these two walk down aisle, I’d like to talk about what I dealt with when I meet them in college in 2015 and we were all “great” friends. I had feelings for Peter who refused to come out. He quickly got himself invovled with a classmate in his theatre department. In the “relationship” because she was his beard (if you don’t know what that is look it up), he began using her sexually and making her believe he had feelings for her. Moments after they would have sex, he would brag about it to his friends (all of which who hated the girl and influenced him to lose his virginity to her). He continued to do this until he met this girl who is dirty, loud, rude, racist (often admits she isn’t due to having a black niece or whatever), and has low self-esteem. Kathryn and Peter partnered together to get rid of Peter’s beard (mind u Katie doesn’t know P is into men) and they did his beard so wrong that I was glad she was able to start her life over in another school. Honestly, now I feel wrong for continuing to talk more about these two. Some boys have express their feelings about Peter, who had exposed a letter to his friends who made fun of the poor lad behind his back. Humpback cheated on the guy she was dating to get with Peter all because he made her feel “special”. I feel sorry that she is going to be in a marriage that contains lies. Run girl…well roll away lol. On a nicer note, for anyone dealing with a cheater or someone who isn’t being their true-selevs, ask yourself what you value in a relationship. Do not fall for a person who cannot be honest with you.