Quinn Hartmann is a legal secretary at Nationwide Insurance Company. Right after she started working there, she started flirting and hitting on my husband. My husband was dealing with multiple tragedies at once. The worst of those was his father was dying of cancer and I had just been diagnosed with cancer. He was a broken man full of anger at God and me. He felt I was deserting him. She was there as a “friend”. She started to tell my husband how attracted she was to him and that she wanted to have sex with him. Meanwhile, I’m at home taking care of our 2 boys and receiving chemo. They ended up having an emotional affair that went sexual twice. It was boring and unfulfilling. My husband could not perform because when he “closed my eyes, I was thinking of you. But, when I opened my eyes she was there”. My husband came clean after the second sexual encounter. He didn’t want to live in the lies anymore. It could not have filled the hole in his heart left by the bad news of my health. He did anger management, extensive counseling and marriage counseling. He came back and got straight with God and then me. We bearly survived the affair. I don’t know whether Quinn is a bad girl or a good girl. What I can say is that her moral compass was not pointing due North. Women should lift other women up. There are sluts, home wreckers, entitled girls, social climbers everywhere. Desperate women who are lonely throw themselves and weak men in weak moments accept the offers. I hope that women learn not to be commodities. 86% of men don’t leave their marriages. Being 2nd and being ok with being 2nd does not appeal to them in the long run. Build an empire with your man; don’t try to take one over. A coup is never admired.