Didn’t know this site was still active but heard bout this sloot being posted n had to check out again. After seeing innocent Rachelle (lmao not) bein posted, had to add in. Met her on FB this summer and met to smash after a couple messages. Last post was right, cause she kept getting BC calls when I was at her apartment. Just always knew there was something up or she was a floozy (right again), so I always used a rubber. I was real drunk one night and didn’t use one. Big mistake. A few days to a week later I was havin big problems and had to go to the doc. This b*itch gave me 3 different kinds of diseases and infections. Anyone who smashed this, get checked now. I called her out on it and surprise- got blocked n deleted from everything. Best part is after all this I told my bro n he smashed in May and same prob.