to all who are looking to keep thier relationships, do not bring this chick Randy Cramer around your man or even associate with her in any way. She’s literally a terrible human that spreads lies and gets involved with men who are dating. She has slept with over half of Millwoods and the count keeps increasing. She lives like a hoarder and her own inner crowd of friends hates her. She lives to ruin people with her drama and gossip and literally does nothing with her life. She slept with two of my friends and then tried to leave her items at thier places just to have a reason to harass them and see them. There’s literally over 6 girls that have been affected by her stupidity and her floozy-ness. Be aware of this creature, ladies and guys, and her slithery ways. She’s an embarrassment to society and does nothing but try and wreck people. Not to mention she has had bed bugs and mice all over her house which is probably why she uses all her sick excuses to make people feel sorry for her. Randy Cramer, literally Millwoods poster girl for home wrecker.