This bitch had an affair with a married man for 7 years under the pretext nobody would ever find out. Guess what? Everyone knows now! What you both did was wrong. I see you did a good job making yourself out to be a victim lmao. I’ve seen your posts lol. I posted them for you also so you can get the word out! YW! Funny thing is I saw it coming. I knew along time ago. Poor dude. And I even feel sorry for you too a little. Cause are so stupid to play that ” he made me believe he was leaving her ” sh*t! Really? No mans gonna leave his wife for another ho if he don’t do it he first year!!!!😂 But it’s whatever you wanna believe! Looks like you were just hooked as hell! Personally I don’t think your much of anything!!! My opinion! Good luck with that lifestyle!