Ray Ross, once was a best friend of mine, that was till he showed me what his friendship to me was. I appreciate that you helped me at first by allowing me to stay with you tell I found a place, when no one kept there word with giving you a phone, i gave you my old one when i got a new one, not once but 3 times now. You helped get my foot in the door by helping me get a place in the same building as you, granted reason why I showed my appreciation by getting your playstation 4 n game n head set. I helped you with your Bills, numerous of times. I was there for you then you were for me. And when everyone moved out some had too some didnt have to. I didnt have to but I did cause of the situations that was in the building. You said you would give me a hand but you lied n turn around and been nothing but an asshole towards me. Sorry all you did was use me to get what you wanted. Now that I think back they day you came with me to my lawyers office,you said to me that you never thought I was telling you the truth about my settlement money whe you realized I was speaking the truth you choose to get closer to me for your own reasons cause soon as you got the playstation of yours, that’s when you distances your self away from me. And you need to move out will that was your way of dipping out. You say I was your best friend. Sorry but I dont treat my friends like slaves and they dont say all the nice things they did for me were being treated like a slave. I never forced you to do anything you did that on your ow I never treated you like sh1t but it was okay for you to imply that I was stupid or you called me stupid. Even after ypub promised bot to do that. You never kept your word with me like I did with mine for you i put more effort into being your friend then you ever did with me. You made sure to tell me with you actions that I was no friend of yours cause I have nothing more for you to want or need. Yep I can honestly say I wasnt friends with you just benefit what I want or need or anything of the sorts at all but only being ur friend. I blame my self for allowing someone to mentally abuse, emotionally abuse,n little physical at time to abuse me like that. I mad at my self cause I promised my self I wouldnt let another person do that after my 7 years relationship I walked out on for doing for the exact same things I went threw with you. My question is how do you sleep at night and live with your self doing this to what you claim me as your best friend? Did it get you off knowing you hurt me in those ways?? Was it worth it for all the things you said to make me hurt my self from the hurt you cause inside? You know I would do that for you knew that I had issues n self harmed my self cause of those issues. So I hope your enjoyed trying to get me to hurt so bad to making me hurt my self from the pain you caused… but jokes on you joker for I didnt resort to my old ways but call the crisis line for help me threw the pain that you caused. Sorry that you didnt get the full best of me, sorry you never will get the best of me like that ever, for even that your not even worth for…. better luck next time but then again there wont be a next time cause you bot worth giving a second,third, forth time or whatever how many times worth back in my life. Fool me once Shane on me fool me twice shame on u… n I be careful who you do this to, for some one may have either high respected friends that will go out of their way for the the person you just hurt or she my just punch you hard then I did, and trust me when i say this if i full out punched you when you threw a vus at my head you would of been down for the count. Your lucky I didnt go full throttle on ya… you take care now hope you leave back to prince rupert were you belong a55hole….. so anyone that runs into him, dont bother unless ur willing n wanting to be treated like sh1t, bullied,have things thrown back in ur face of what he does on his own free will for u, basically used abused mentally emotionally n physically by all means go for the little rotten teeth that looks like his a meth head, by all means go for it. But dont say I never warned ya