This woman had an affair with my husband for months and showed no remorse. Their disgusting affair was publicly displayed with photos and videos on a swinger website where they looked for other couples to have relationships with. Once I found out everything going on behind mine and my 2 year old’s back I started looking for answers. She refused to speak to me. I then noticed my husband had sent her several hundred dollars during their affair which took money away from my family. After months I finally got her to speak to me. She laughed and mocked me and had the nerve to say I took him for granted! Showing no remorse she continued to taunt me by saying he would’ve left me a long time ago if I had not gotten myself pregnant. She is a disgrace to women and a disgusting person, probably the most disgusting I’ve ever been in contact with. There was so much more she did that would take way too long to write, but I shared the most important. She destroyed not only my life, but my innocent daughter’s also.