The Worst Gold Diggers Author – Lucian Oboroceanu, is both a cheater in business and in relationships. He is 58 years old and is addicted to drugs and alcohol, even bringing them to the office. He manipulates every women he ever meets by taking them on trips a week after meeting them and telling them they are the love of his life, even though he is still in contact or in a relationship with his previous girlfriend/fiancé. He is known to go for women 30-40+ years younger than him, so he can take advantage of them. He has proposed to over 4 women and has cheated on every single one of them, and then throws them to the side like a piece of dirt. Afterwards, he goes to the [REDACTED] like the predator he is to do drugs and buy bottles to attract the next weak women he can find. He has disgusting sexual fetishes such as, being pegged by a cucumber and refers to every women’s private part as ‘Anna’. Lucian – why do you love the name Anna so much? In regards to business, he is known to lie to win accounts and makes racist and sexist comments about those he works with. His friend gave him the opportunity to help run his property management business and he continues to screw his friend over by never going into the office, bullying the employees and clients, and actively applying to other jobs so he can leave his friend in the ditch. I would STRONGLY caution anyone who gets an application from Lucian Oboroceanu for a role related to Facilities Management to decline his application as his resume is all a lie; he will do the bare minimum at work; and, will make abusive and racist comments to your employees and clients. Nik, all of Toronto, needs to be warned of the cheater, drug addict, and manipulative man, Lucian Oboroceanu truly is.