My story is my (ex now) and I was stationed in Goose Creek SC. Bryan Miller had to go to a school in Wichita Falls Texas for the military and I stayed in SC because we had to two kids in school and he was only gonna be there for a couple of months. He was only there a couple of weeks and he started being an a** to me saying a lot of mean things to me telling me to get to work ( I was going to classes to do in-home daycare with the military) said I was spending too much money. And the only money I was spending was money for food for the house and paying the bills and the few items I had to get for the daycare. But he was going out to the bar spending money on Rhonda and him and drinking and playing pool. We kept fighting a lot on the phone. I kept asking him what is wrong why is he acting the way he was. He just kept saying he was stressed and we would be okay when he got back to SC.

On August 8 2002 he told me we needed to talk. I said ok what was wrong. He said he was sorry and that he didn’t mean to hurt me. I said what and that is when he told me he cheated on me. I said what. And then he said it was an accident and it just happened and I told him BS. How is it an accident. Did you trip and your p***s just slip in her virgina. No that doesn’t just happen. Why would you just do that to us. You are a married man. You sold our house, my grandfathers land, my car I had before we got married. Everything I had before I met him. My kids he adopted (he wanted to adopt them). Now he wants nothing to do with them now that we are divorced. And got out of paying child support because he tried to un-adopt them. He told me it was all my fault because I would not go to Texas with him for school. He got lonely and I was spending money on the house and I didn’t go to work right away. So he was paying me back.

Rhonda knew he was married cause I asked him who she was because I told him I was not gonna let some b***h by my kids if I didn’t do a background check on her. He gave me her full name at the time her name was Rhonda LeAnn McGowen and he said she knew what he was going through because she was cheated on by her best friend with her husband. I said so that makes it all better. He said no. So I had her name for my attorney. Then he told me he wanted to try and work it out with me and I said I don’t know. He asked me to come to Texas and try on our marriage. I was like OH OK . So I was on my way to Texas from SC, I got to Tennessee and he called me and told me he changed his mind and told me he didn’t want me there. I was like are you kidding me. I am in Tennessee. He said he didn’t care and if I get to Texas he would not see me. So I turned around and went back to SC and packed my whole house in one night after already having boxes from when he told me he cheated on me I was leaving. I got a u-haul the next day. Got the kids out of school and didn’t clean base housing left it a mess because he is responsible for it not me. And left for my home town MS. Got to MS hired a lawyer and gave my lawyer the name of his slut and told him the whole story of what happened. Had all the bank statements of what he was spending his money on. But that stopped because his parents were the bankers at his bank so they changed everything. But the attorney fixed that. And then we fought for 2 years of a divorce. After he adopted my kids he decided he didn’t want to be the parent of the kids because of her. He told her I MADE him do it. Which is a lie I asked him when he asked to do it (cause he cannot have kids of his own) are you sure cause it not one day yes I want to be a dad and then the next I don’t want to. Its a life long commitment. He said yes because I will never do anything to hurt you and the kids because of what my first ex-husband did to us and he didn’t want to be like him.

I did ask Bryan Miller how did this happen and did she know about me. He said yes he met her at the bar while playing pool and she reminded him of me and he started to talk to her about me and how he loved me and it hurt that I didn’t come to Texas and he missed me and blah blah. So one thing led to another and he was drunk and ended up in bed with her. And that it just kept happening. So when after being back home for a while in MS I got back with some of my friends. I talked to my BFF and her and I decided to take a road trip and we drove to Texas one night all night and found where he was at and we followed him to her house videoed taped him and her. He finally seen me and I chased him down a dead end road and got out of the car and he locked the truck doors and they would not get out of the truck. Too scared. He finally got away from me and drove back to her house but he didn’t know I knew where she lived. Again videoed taped them. I to this day have all these tapes and pictures of them. I hired a private investigator. I still have that tape too. Later my BFF and went to SC when they went back there for his duty station ( yes he brought her there when I left for them to live) and I got my info for my attorney to have for court.

They are married now. And she complains about him being an a** and how he treats her like crap and all. HA HA karma is a b***h. But she deserves it. And she always says she wants kids and well she will never have them cause he can’t. I guess that KARMA sucks.