This homewrecking female started calling my husband shortly after we got married. She had already been told that we were married so it was no surprise to her. She was calling him daily while he was at work and then would stop when she knew he was close to home. They would meet at hotels while he was supposed to be at school, she even let him take pictures of her nasty cellulite ass. She is old enough to be his mother! She has no shame and the fact that they work together is the kicker. He told me that she would let him do whatever she wanted to her because she is classless! This bitch had the nerve to email him also talking about that she wished he could stay with her so she could sleep better. Then was telling him she loved him. The worst part is that when I confronted her about the phone calls she had the nerve to tell me that if I kept my husband satisfied then he wouldn’t go elsewhere. She was the homewrecker who tried to break up my marriage because she honestly believes that my husband is going to leave me.

If you see this bitch in the streets just know that she has no morals and will try anything and everything to take your husband/boyfriend. She has told me to go and kill myself because again she somehow believes that because she gives oral my husband will run and marry her. This bitch is still MARRIED herself!! Do not trust her!!