This female, Rita Marie Cardenas… I will NOT use the term lady or woman. That’s an insult to others. Is a HOMEWRECKER to the fullest. She messed around with a married man. After the wife found out and the husband told her it was over, was when the true fun began. She couldn’t fess up to family and friends so she blamed the wife. She started calling her at work and not respond when wife was put on the phone. Had her friends call… tried to deny this all when the wife involved the police for harassment. Little did she realize wife’s work has caller id. She then uses spoof numbers to call/text to harass her. Husband has told this female to back off and move on, yet it persists. She’s living in a fantasy world. She unblocks the wife from Facebook to post little digs. There is NOTHING going on still with the husband. She has made posts that she will get pregnant and as of late is planning her dream wedding. All after the wife posts things that have been done for her by the husband. They are still married and have no plans on divorcing, they are working things out. 17yrs is a lot to throw away. She refers to the wife as EX wife and crazy to her family and friends and states that she’s the upgrade… Ladies beware she has NO morals and no respect for boundaries and does not understand the meaning of NO. She’s the crazy one. Friending the wife’s friends on Facebook/Instagram… there seems to be no way for the wife to escape. So if your anywhere near Temple be on the lookout.